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ΠΟΙΑ ΧΩΡΑ ΜΟΥ, was a performance which took place outside the Greek Embassy in London, featuring Dimoulias standing in front of the Greek flagpole holding a banner with the phrase “ΠΟΙΑ ΧΩΡΑ ΜΟΥ”. An attempt for an exact translation of the phrase in English would be “what country of mine”; however, since the meaning in Greek is more multi-layered, a more accurate interpretation would be “which country of mine”. The absence of a punctuation mark has been intentional, so that the phrase can be interpreted either as a question or an affirmation – or both. 

This has been for Dimoulias an oblique response to what Plato calls "Khôra", and a way to question how important it is “being” part of a nation; how it feels to be an immigrant living elsewhere, trying to “become” part of another place, another community, another Khôra. 

Year: 2018

Performance at the Embassy of Greece in London

Artist's olive paste on linen

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