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Mother mother

The installation features a piece of crochet lace which is normally used on Greek dining tables, imprinted with the poem Mayakovsky (1957) by American poet Frank O’Hara. O’Hara’s text captures the immediacy of life, being personal in tone and content. The chosen extract refers to a child expressing his feelings to his mother about him loving a man. The installation also features a video in which Dimoulias’s mother uses the lace and other domestic and/or decorative objects of cultural significance whilst “rearranging” her living room. This activity is accompanied by a soundtrack that features working-class music originating from the favourite radio station of Dimoulias’s mother.

Year: 2019

Dimensions: 120x120cm (lace)

Duration: 11 min 31 sec

Material: Artist's olive paste on inherited crochet lace & HD video

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