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Immigration linens

Immigration linens is an ongoing series of works, which are inspired by contemporary perceptions and self-perceptions of immigration. These works are based on Dimoulias’ life experiences as an immigrant, using as raw material the olives that his family produce back in Greece. He employs the olives from his own land’s olive trees in combination with cotton linen fabrics in order to construct banners with immigration-related messages of various origins. He has drawn inspiration from UK media reports by using extracts from news stories mainly dealing with Brexit and the refugee and immigration crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, mixed with his very own thoughts.


The procedure he follows when fabricating the banners is writing with his bare hands using the olives directly on the fabrics. This process is combined with the scent that the olives emit during the production process and afterwards – a particular way to connect with his homeland. The work is looking both inwards and outwards – attempting to expose the larger and smaller traumas of contemporary immigration. In this context, the use of olives, an ancient cultural symbol of peace and glory, becomes even more poignant. 

Year: 2018 - ongoing

Dimensions: Variable

Materials: Artist's olive paste on linen

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